King Lawn Care in Houston, Texas - Pls, Leave me alone


I am the owner of a Landscaping company, after looking around on the internet one day, I sgined up with service magic. I wanted to see how much it cost. of corse I couldn't find out untill they had my personal info.

right after I entered my phone number, the phone rang, it was them.

I could NOT get a price out of the guy, " he wanted to tell me a ton of stories" so I told them to forget it.

About 1 week later they called. I informed them I do not want to do business with them and to put me on there DO NOT CALL LIST, and I told him NEVER CALL ME AGAIN.

About a week later, same thing, this has been going on now for about 3 months, every week they call me, sometimes 2 times a week.

I simply dont know what it would take to make them leave me alone, short of a law suite.



I love folks who can't take "no" for an answer. Next time they call, say "sure tell me what ya f^@#in' got", then set the phone down next to a speaker pumping heavy metal & walk away or take the phone to the toilet with you and make some noise. Sometimes making an appointment & not keeping it gives them the hint too.

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If you gave them your number, they have every legal right to call. Ethically, it would be right of them to stop calling.

I would not waste time with a lawyer. The next time they call, you can call their bluff.

Tell them that you have contacted an attorney about their incessant calling. If they keep calling, blast an air horn in the phone.

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